Size 13 Orange


Size 13 Orange Rayovac Proline Advanced hearing aid batteries. Pack contains 6 batteries plus 2 extra free.

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Rayovac Extra Advanced hearing aid batteries take advantage of our new Active Core Technology; a breakthrough new cell design which maximises internal space to hold more active ingredients, ensuring our batteries are the longest-lasting on the market.

An advanced anode increases battery life and ensures long-lasting performance throughout the life of the battery.

The new design delivers energy where it’s needed, prolonging the life of the battery and ensuring a consistent and precise listening experience.

The tabs are 25% larger than our standard tab design and ergonomically designed to make changing your hearing aid battery easier.

Active Core Technology is a major step forward in the world of hearing aid battery power. The improved cell design and formulation delivers more energy to ensure no hearing aid battery lasts longer. Providing customers with the longevity, reliability and power needed to cope with any situation.

The Rayovac zinc-air battery creates power by oxidizing zinc with oxygen from the air – to activate it, just remove the tab and wait about 1 minute before installing it in your hearing aid.

For help on changing your Rayovac batteries, click here.


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