Purific Sanitising Water


Natural sanitising water.

Kills 99.9% of gems in seconds.

In a handy 50ml spray bottle.

Also available in a box of 10 x 50ml sprays for even greater savings. Click here >

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Purific contains water and hypochlorous acid, which is a natural acid produced in the human body to fight bacteria and germs.

About Purific

Alcohol free
Contains no harmful chemicals, fragrances or preservatives
No need to wipe or rinse, leaving no smears
Virtually odourless
Can be safely used (from birth)
Safe on items that contact the mouth and food
Safe as water and gentle on sensitive skin
Safe for unsupervised use by children
Suitable for contact lens cases, work surfaces, equipment and more

How to use Purific

On work surfaces and equipment:

If the surface is dirty, using a clean cloth Purific can be used to wash it down until visibly clean
Do not dilute
Ensure enough Purific is used to cover the dirt-free surface
Spray directly onto the surface to sanitise
Wipe down with a clean cloth

For hand hygiene:

Make sure your hands are clean
Spray enough Purific on both hands before handling food, contact lenses and other items


Avoid storing in direct sunlight.
Keep in a cool place below 25 degrees C or in a refrigerator.
Do not mix with other products/chemicals.
Do not transfer the contents into other containers.


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