Lens Plus Saline Solution – 360ml


Lens Plus Saline Solution Value Pack.

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Lens Plus Solution has been designed to offer an effective and reliable saline solution for rinsing and storing all contact lenses including soft or rigid gas permeable, monthly or daily.

This solution is great for patients with sensitive eyes and it’s ideal for those that frequently experience dry and gritty eyes. Lens Plus Solution has a formula that closely matches the pH of substances in the eye, carefully mimicking these substances to give the products a natural feeling that is at balance with your natural tears.

You can use this saline solution as an effective rinse of your contacts after cleaning your contact lenses. It is not suitable for effectively disinfecting your contact lenses. Using this saline solution after cleaning your contact lenses will remove any excess cleaning product or debris left on your lens that could potentially disrupt your vision or irritate your eyes.

Storing your contacts overnight in the solution means that they’ll be fresh, moist and comfortable to wear the next day.


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