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Go Drive without any restrictions on your vision

£160 single vision

£220 progressive

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Most driving time is spent looking ahead, which requires wide, clear visual fields. However, the eyes also have to shift quickly between different viewing distances with minimal head movements: from the road to the navigation device, from the mirrors to the dashboard. Focusing and refocusing can be especially challenging for older drivers. Our driving lens design in single vision and progressive lenses for driving can offer the visual support that is needed. 

The offer

We have fixed the price of our driving lenses at £160 for the single vision option and £230 for our progressive lens option. This includes our special anti-glare lens option as standard in the price.

Go Drive Open Road

Terms & conditions

  • Only available for new glasses purchased from the 13th July 2020.
  • Not available in conjunction with any other offers or promotion.
  • All glasses must be complete with lenses patient’s prescription.
  • Non-transferrable.
  • There is no cash alternative available.