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Your Eye Health


Your eye health is something we take very seriously. We have put together some useful information from our professional staff who work in our practices across the UK.


Your Glasses.

We would advise you to clean your glasses regularly with a cleaning solution specifically designed for your lenses. Some other types of cleaning products which are not designed for your glasses can damage the lenses and, in some situations, make the lenses appear dirtier than they were.

We have been asked if hand sanitising gel can be used on glasses to reduce the risk of infections from viruses such as Coronavirus. There is no evidence to suggest that this will work. We would advise that using soap and warm water will be a better option and could also help clean dirt particles out of those difficult to reach places like nose pads. We would advise using a pH neutral washing-up liquid.

Wash or replace your lens cleaning cloth on a regular basis. The micro-fibre type of cleaning cloth is the best option but they don’t last forever. To keep them in good condition and performing well, pop them in your washing machine along with your normal weekly wash at a temperature of 60 degrees without fabric softener. 

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Cleaning Glasses
Contact Lens Case and Solution

Contact Lenses.

A question we have been asked a lot recently is about touching your face when inserting or removing contact lenses. As long as you wash your hands before and after touching your face and continue to wash them regularly, you should be ok.

If you are wondering if you should be using monthly or daily disposable contact lenses, our advice is not to change what you currently use. If you want to discuss the options with one of our eye care professionals to discuss your individual requirement, contact your local practice and we will be more than happy to help tailor the options to fit your personal needs.

Stick to your recommended cleaning regime that you discussed with your eye care professional when you collected your contact lenses. If you are unsure or have forgotten the details, please feel free to contact your local practice and we will be more than happy to review your individual needs with you.

The key piece of advice we can give you is not to worry about what you are doing. There is no need to make any changes from the original advice you were given. Avoid using gloves to insert your lenses, thoroughly washing your hands before and after removal is sufficient.

Regularly replace your contact lens case for monthly disposable lenses.

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General eye health.

There are some medical conditions that can be detected during your regular eye check. We would always advise you to continue as normal with regular checks, however, we understand that during these challenging times, there are other health and wellbeing considerations.

As with any cold or flu-like symptoms, DO NOT wear your contact lenses at all and contact us for advice especially with any persistent ocular symptoms. A spare pair of glasses is highly recommended. 

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