After the age of 50, 40% of us have some kind of hearing loss which increases to more than 70% after the age of 70.

In most cases, hearing loss occurs gradually. It is painless and invisible and the deterioration is so gradual, it can go virtually unnoticed to the point where it appears ‘normal’ – but it’s not.  Too many people wait far too long before seeking help with their loss of hearing.  Living life to the fullest includes regularly checking on your hearing health.

Hearing requirements change with time so, even if you have had a hearing test in the past or already wear a hearing device, it is advisable to arrange a checkup every twelve months.

If you answer yes to three of more of the following questions, you could benefit from our free hearing assessment:

  • Are you constantly asking people to repeat themselves?

  • Do others complain that you have the volume turned up too high on the TV?

  • Do people always seem to be mumbling when they talk to you?

  • Do you have trouble hearing the alarm clock, doorbell or telephone?

  • Do you find it easier to follow a conversation if you are looking directly at the person speaking to you?

  • Do you find it hard to follow a conversation if there is background noise?

  • Do you get tired in group situations?

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